Thursday, March 7, 2013


Please find below a link to a recent VIDEO interview, between myself and James Corbett, founder and owner of the Corbett Report – www.CorbettReport.comwhere we discuss a wide range of subjects covering economics, finance and politics.

This interview discusses, the recent Italian elections and the resurgence of democracy as a protest against austerity imposed by the technocratic government; the ultimate futility of QE by Mr Abe in Japan following the nomination of a new BOJ governor; the illusory US real estate market recovery as portrayed by Bernanke and the National Association of Realtors; the scandal that JPM actions may have been the final straw that led to the bankruptcy of Lehman and triggered the financial crisis; the movement in Switzerland to organise a referendum on having Gold to back the currency; Rand Paul's filibuster and opposition to unconstitutional powers, allowing the President to kill Americans in the US without trial by executive fiat.

The Corbett Report provides a weekly podcast as well as interviews, articles and videos about current events and suppressed history from an independent perspective.

I am very pleased that my message is reaching an ever wider audience.


  1. Great interview David, I found your discussion about the Wall Street dog-pile on Lehman quite interesting.

    I also agree with you about the importance of the Swiss gold initiative, but I fear it is too little too late. As an ex-long time UBS IT employee I can attest to the malignant US banking influence Swiss banking. CS and UBS are lost to the imf/bis/wb/fed/un system. Hildebrand and Jordan have sold out Switzerland to their banking masters, just like Bernanke, King and Drahgi have sold out the people whose interests they were supposed to represent.

    There has been an interesting series of articles about the pernicious US influence and takeover of UBS at insideparadeplatz (SwissGerman), here the US takeover of IT

    Here is my partial translation:

    "The IT chief of UBS has shattered UBS's heart
    Now Michele Trogni facing dismissal, the good IT people are long gone, Americans control the central services.

    Ulrich Körner, the number two at UBS received dozens of e-mails from concerned UBS IT staff. "Please handle" wrote Körner and forworded the Emails to Michele Trogni. The problem was off his table.

    But complaints were directed against Trogni. The Briton is perhaps the most controversial top manager in the Swiss bank. Because Körner did nothing, Trogni had free hand.

    Since 2009, Trogni has directed the worldwide IT department at UBS. Previously, she was responsible in London for Operations (processes and procedures) for UBS IB (investment bank) .

    Trogni has destroyed the "world-class" IT at UBS, say several callers. IT was the Swiss staff who experienced how Trogni tore control from them and replaced them with her companions.

    In Trognis Technology Group Executive Board, the Executive Board of the UBS global IT, this evening Stefan Arn only is the only heavyweight from Switzerland.

    The large remainder comes from the Anglo-Saxon world, mainly from the U.S.. Andy Brown as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Douglas Rennie as part of the infrastructure Trogni crew.

    Them will remain loyal and uncritical Trogni companions, the sources say.

    They will have to swallow the rude tone of hers without comment. The Swiss IT heavyweights, however who did not keep quiet were forced to leave under pressure.

    Prominent and long-standing top Swiss people in Switzerland left under Trogni, led by Rolf Olmesdahl head of the worldwide IT asset management in 2009."

  2. Continued...

    Here the US takeover of HR

    My partial translation:
    "...The same cost-centric thinking reigned in UBS HR. This is also under top chef Körner.

    At HR is also an Anglo-Saxon responsible. John Bradley, he is, and to HR he is the same as Trogni is to IT. Bradley is ensconced in the lush high visibility Human Resources (HR) at UBS, and he has managed to smash it into splinters.

    Since the summer, only a few top UBS manager are entitled to a personal and direct personnel consulting.

    The rest of the bank must make do with a ticket to an internal call center.

    This is to many who have grown up in human resources and consider their role as central to the growth of the bank, a disgrace.

    UBS argues that taking care of staff requires too much effort and has become costly.

    Some problemS SHould be solved by means of the UBS intranet, there is no need for that personal attention from the HR staff.

    The attitudes of the two top-Saxons, Trogni and Bradley, encounter resistance in much of the Swiss workforce.

    These longtime UBS employees see time proven values of ​​the bank being put at risk.

    The DNA of UBS could harmed, many believe.

    Ulrich Körner does not want to hear of these problems. As an ex-McKinsey man, costs are his passion..."

    My bet is that one of the big Swiss banks is going to be brought down just like Lehman and the vultures on Wallstreet will one more time rape the shareholders, the US treasury, and this time the Swiss people too. I sure hope that gold initiative passes before TSHTF.

  3. You are of course absolutely right about the infiltration of UBS and CS by foreign interests. I believe that only nationals of banks should hold the top positions especially as when bail out time comes along the Swiss taxpayer is on the hook for the money and the executives concerned can scuttle away with huge severance packages to their home country.

    Additionally we are definitely at economic and banking war with the EU and US, and of course we open the door to top positions to people who get to know all the secrets and move on elsewhere.

    All of this of course leads to the SNB where the policies they are following are shortsighted at best and extremely detrimental to the economy longer term, because there is absolutely no way they can reverse the situation.

    Looking to my home country the UK the fact that a Mark Carney, Canadian Goldmanite can get the top job at the B of E is appalling for the same reasons stated above.

    The international banking interests know that for now the BIS, the Central banks, and the TBTF banks are above the law and politicians mostly don't understand or are afraid to intervene, just as is the judiciary system.

    As a consequence they operate within an untouchable global private club pursuing exclusively their own interests.

    It will come to an end, but it will not be because these people have decided to desist from raping the system, and it will be inevitably bloody and violent.

    When the elites betray the social contract between them and the governed, the people are left with absolutely no choice but to revolt

    Thanks for introducing me to the Paradeplatz journal I have added it to my regular reading material