Tuesday, June 4, 2013

CORBETT REPORT - Syriana Pipelinestan, EU Electioneering, Japanese Insanity

CORBETT REPORT - Syriana Pipelinestan, EU Electioneering, Japanese Insanity 

Please find below a link to a recent VIDEO interview, between myself and James Corbett, founder and owner of the Corbett Report – www.CorbettReport.com

This interview is another in the series of monthly conversations on economics, finance and politics. This month we delve into the pipeline proxy war behind the Syrian destabilization, the latest calls by Merkel and crew for an end to austerity, hardship in Cyprus, and the insanity taking place in Japan in the name of Abenomics. We also discuss the booming demand for gold and the tricks being played by the bullion banks to get out of their short positions while the market is suppressed.

Please find the youtube link below:


The Corbett Report provides a weekly podcast as well as interviews, articles and videos about current events and suppressed history from an independent perspective.

I am very pleased that my message is reaching an ever wider audience.

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  1. I appreciate the no-bs analysis provided in this Corbett Report interview. Might as well tell it like it is.