Friday, September 19, 2014



I am pleased with the results but it is a devastating indictment that after over 300 years together 45% of the population wishes to leave the UK.

If the same vote were tried in Switzerland I doubt the separatists would be more than 10%…unless of course the vote was to kick out Geneva.

It is a product of the moral and political degeneracy in Westminster, and the success of globalists in the destruction of national identity through social justice, fairness doctrine and politically correct speech, and the remorseless creeping fascistic corporatist socialism of the EU.

As one of my friends put it there is now so little national pride left that if Hitler invaded tomorrow he would be in the outer islands within a week, stopping only to eat some chicken tikka masala, our new national dish, in the former industrial midlands.

Is this what my grandfather was gassed and died for in the trenches of the first world war, or my father’s brother in the second war, or all those poor sods, many from Scottish regiments  in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of course many of these regiments have been disbanded to pay bankers bonuses, and the handicapped non dead victims put in second class care facilities.

I weep internally for the demise of what was the greatest post industrial empire..destroyed as always from within.

I was in London recently at a UKIP dinner and the most common plea was “we want our country back” 

I really wonder if it is too late.


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