Thursday, November 3, 2011



It is now just over a month since starting the GenevaBusinessInsider Blog and time to take stock of the results.

Personally I have found it immensely rewarding because putting on paper ones views is very liberating. It not only relieves a certain level of frustration but gives a real sense of purpose to writing. Although I do not see the audience; it is fascinating to realize that my Blog is literally read all over the world, thanks to the power of the internet.

I just checked my statistics on my latest post, and in Russia where I know virtually nobody, I appear to have a significant following. Admittedly, I still get fewer hits than Google and the Michael Jackson trial, but the evolution from a zero start, has nonetheless been very gratifying and motivating.

The Blog has already allowed me to re-establish contact with friends in Canada, Australia, France, Holland, Qatar, Bahamas and the USA, to name just a few countries.

I have also made new friends and valuable contacts in spheres that concern me, and enjoy the exchange of views. It is interesting that most people make direct contact by e mail rather than posting a comment on the Blog, which is a pity as it would enable more people to participate and exchange views.

Over time I have learned a great deal, both from experience and extensive reading, about the world of finance, economics, politics, and history etc. As of today I derive most of my knowledge from other well informed Blog sites.

You have no doubt observed that the mass media has metamorphosed to become the propaganda arm of anyone who pays the advertising revenues, (Governments, Financial Institutions and Global Corporations). Investigative journalism has been replaced by superficial sensationalism.

My objective is to continue to furnish high quality interesting relevant and well researched views, with a bit of British humor thrown in for good measure.

I would like to thank you all very sincerely for following the Blog. I hope I can live up to your expectations and that you will spread the word.

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