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I have not been making Blog posts over the last days as I had an operation to my hand, a necessary tool for operating a computer keyboard. The operation was to release blocked nerves which were increasingly paralyzing my fingers, and was performed at Hospital La Tour in Geneva. The hospital has almost as good a reputation for its restaurant and hotel like facilities, as it does for its surgical teams. One could even say my hand was in good hands!

As the anesthetist slowly and smilingly anesthetized my upper arm weaving skillfully between my veins and arteries, targeting each nerve individually, explaining the process as it evolved, I watched on the computer screen in fascination. At the end of the process I saw my arm totally immobilized, and even when summing all of my mental and physical willpower was completely unable to move.

I reflected afterwards how similar has been the process in forming the EU and how similar the outcome. The individual state members have been anesthetized by a potent cocktail of BarRomputhol and Trichicillin, while watching the whole process on Euro News. At the end when they summon all their strength to exert their national sovereignty they realize they too have become completely powerless.

We need only look at the “Technocratic” governments foisted upon Greece and Italy by the elitists to realize the extent of loss of sovereignty. The members of these Governments barely include an elected official, and they all come from the same impeccable sources, the Central Banking Fraternity, Goldman Sachs otherwise known as the Vampire Squid, the EEC commission, the High Priests of the unelected bureaucrat order. They are also all long standing members of opaque elitist groups such as the Council of Foreign Relations, “CFR” Trilateral commission “TLC”, and the Bilderberg Group.

Is it credible that a group of Central Bankers, International Bankers and unelected bureaucrats will put the interests of the ordinary citizen before their own? I do not think so.

This approach is however doomed to failure. Having worked in many businesses both healthy and in trouble, taken over by external shareholders, banks etc. with no feeling for the organization, its people and its culture, the dynamism to succeed is eviscerated and the energies are then devoted to  rejection of the intruder.

This truth can already be seen by the demonstrations in the streets in Greece and the rejection of the new team, by the political class in Italy. At the end of the day the European project is too financially and morally bankrupted to be saved, and this desperate attempt to gain time and appease the markets, by changing a few faces on the bridge of the sinking ship, before it goes under is a complete farce. Worst of all the popular retribution exacted against the perpetrators will have dire long term consequences.

In my case, fortunately the anesthetic soon wore off, and my recovery was greatly enhanced by an excellent gourmet menu of food and a bevy of equally charming very attentive young nurses. My convalescence was continued at home before I became too comfortable and my wife became too jealous!!

Thus on Remembrance Sunday, I found myself sitting, my arm still immobilized in plaster, watching the Queen placing the wreath to the War dead, in a moving and dignified ceremony that in my view only the British  know how to do.

One Army officer interviewed on TV had been in Iraq and following an explosion in which several died, he was in a now in wheelchair, and in addition had lost his arm. Listening to him and knowing personally for a few short days what that could mean, I was deeply humbled by his courage and by the extreme good fortune I enjoy only because of the terrible sacrifices over many generations of good people such as him.

I would like to dedicate this Blog titled: Remembrance Day Revisited to them all.

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