Saturday, January 5, 2013



Welcome to another year of Blogs, radio interviews and TV appearances, for the Geneva Business Insider.

The year 2013 promises to be full of dramatic events as the wholly unsustainable spending and money printing spree reaches its mathematical limits.

While it is impossible to predict exactly, when and what will be the final catalyst, everything necessary for an earth shattering economic crisis, has already been baked into the mix.

It does seem that the Central Banks, and the TBTF bankers and politicians have stopped lying, at least to themselves.

A currency debasement war is in full swing, with all major central banks committed to money printing on an unprecedented scale, debt to GDP ratio's everywhere are reaching unimaginable levels, and a global slow is evident for all to see.

The next stage, traditionally is an outright trade war, when debasement fails, and thereafter, heaven forbid, a shooting war.

The most interesting anomaly in the year end ramp up of stocks and bonds, has been the take down of Gold and Silver, prior to and just after the holidays.This move is exactly the opposite of what should be happening when money printing is destroying the value of paper currencies.

The Central Banks no longer have an alternative to QE by whatever name it be called. If they stop printing no-one would buy the Government Bonds, leading to collapse; or bond interest  rates skyrocket and trigger a collapse in the derivatives market. In both cases it would require an immediate emergency restart of QE.

Bearing this in mind, anyone in Bernanke’s position, with no remaining options on the table, and no viable Plan B, would do the same as he does…..lie and print, while at the same time suppressing precious metals prices, the canary in the Gold mine.
Therefore all the MSM Mope, the apparent CFTC blindness, and the Bullion bank manipulation, are part of the desperate last attempts to avoid the inevitable.
My philosophy is just sit tight, have faith and enjoy the fireworks when they finally come. It will be so spectacular, it will more than compensate precious metals investors, economically and emotionally for all that has gone before.

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