Saturday, January 5, 2013

KEISER REPORT INTERVIEW No. 378 "Whammies of Wall Street Witches"

KEISER REPORT INTERVIEW No. 378 "Whammies of Wall Street Witches"

Please find below a link to a recent Russia Today (“RT”) TV interview between myself and Max Keiser of The Keiser Report.

We discuss amongst other topics, the Swiss currency peg, the global game of honesty limbo in the financial sector, and hoping that midnight never comes for "Alice in Switzerland".

To listen to the broadcast, my part as of  minute 12.45,  please click on the link:

The Keiser Report is hosted by Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, it airs three times a week on RT and provides current topical financial news and analysis. The program format is discussion between the co hosts followed by an individual interview, in this case with my self.

The show is controversial and thought provoking and a challenge to the financial mainstream media’s carefully orchestrated group think. This style has gained them the reputation of being the “most feared people in the financial media” according to The Huffington Post study, just ahead of another excellent financial news analysis web site, Zero Hedge.

The reason why Max and Stacy are feared is essentially because they tell the most rare and feared thing in the financial mainstream media of today, THE TRUTH. 

Increasingly, thinking people are becoming aware that they are being deliberately misled by the media and are turning to alternative sources for information. 

For this reason it was a particular pleasure for me to be invited back on their show and to give my input. 

 I am very pleased that thanks to Max, Stacy and RT, my message is reaching an ever wider audience.

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