Saturday, October 22, 2011



I have watched over the past few days the Euro-news, British television and newspaper coverage of the capture and murder, yes murder of Colonel Gaddafi.

The fact that he was a cruel sadistic ruthless dictator has been proven beyond doubt. His direct and alleged involvement in murder on British soil of an innocent policewoman and the downing of the Pan Am flight are unpardonable crimes against humanity. How dreadful to see a British Prime Minister and an American President greeting, embracing and in Tony Blair’s case subsequently befriending, such a monster.

But what is even worse is showing live TV footage of a man, covered in blood, begging for his life, moments before his slaughter. How extraordinary that despite seeing at least 20 witnesses of this barbarous event on video, the current “official version” is that no-one really knows quite how he died.

How would we react to witnessing an unarmed SAS soldier, or innocent contract  worker, executed in this manner? Does anyone remember Mogadishu?

Equally abhorrent is the continued coverage given to the corpse of ex President Gadaffi, “lying in state” half naked in what looks like a warehouse surrounded by boxes and rubbish. This bijoux location was clearly chosen and maintained by our much vaunted allies the new regime in Libya. Have they no shame?

Is the West using this macabre scene to send shivers up the spine of Syria and Iran?

Does Gadaffi have no wife, no children, no relatives, no members of his tribe, with a right to grieve with dignity at a moment of immense distress, at least for them if for no-one else? If it is only 20% from his tribe, assuming they have not already been ethnically cleansed, this is still one million people, from whom no doubt we will see a next generation of Jihadists.

We should denounce this despicable act and make all efforts to bring the murderer to justice, otherwise we show ourselves to be nothing better than those we so freely condemn. Why else did we have the Nuremburg trials and now an International Court of Justice? Equally the Western media and the press should use their blessed freedom, enjoyed in very few countries in the world, to inform and educate not merely to acquiesce in a form of journalism that only stimulates the most base of human instincts.

As for our coalition “leadership” Messrs Sarkozy, Cameron and Rasmussen may well be busy congratulating themselves on their “victory” but it appears that they have done little more that replace one murderous tyrant with an equally bloodthirsty and savage interim government.

Perhaps when they we watch the Arab Spring turn into the Radical Islamist Winter they will begin to understand what they have really done.

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  1. Bonjour David, en fait les services Français ont essayé de vendre une chaine de Tv et un satellite aux insurgés et ils leur ont fait une démonstration en plein désert de France 24. Malheureusement ils sont tombés sur une interview de Marine LE PEN, puis de Ségolène ROYAL, alors les insurgés ont tout de suite décrété la charia dans leur pays. Tu vois il suffit de peu de choses parfois ...