Monday, October 3, 2011


There comes a time in the life of all budding Bloggers, when external events have to take precedence.

No it is not William & Kate’s separation, which singer/actor/footballer has gone into rehab, who won the X factor, although for many, this is clearly of much greater importance.

Today is my mother’s birthday, and without her you would not be reading this Blog!!!

At the age of 89, she has been a widow for 27 years; she lives alone, is completely independent, still drives a car, sweeps the snow from her driveway in winter, uses the internet,  and Skype’s me regularly to tell me to go to the doctor or not work too hard.

When my grandfather died aged 37, my mother started work in the Post Office, at the age of 13, I repeat 13, to help my grandmother a nurse to make ends meet.

She had two passions in life, tennis and music, and although she was never a finalist at Wimbledon, she paid to learn the piano and ultimately became a music teacher, married and brought up two boys in 1950’s Britain.

 I am sure many readers will recognize in this post, close similarities to their own parents, and like me will feel justifiably proud.

She is from a generation that rarely complained about their lot, had never heard of Social Justice in all its guises; Entitlements; Government Hand-outs; and would shun this even today. She would certainly not vote for a politician offering Freebies without asking first where the money is coming from.

Mr Cameron, as the Conservative Party Conference is just beginning, look no further than to our parent’s generation, to find the solution. Britain does not need reforming it simply needs to be restored to what it once was.  

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