Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is my first post under the definitive Blog URL and name:

The reasons for creating this Blog are as stated before “to provide honest, transparent information to people about economic and political events which fashion our lives”.

I have fixed a number of personal objectives, to ensure that I adhere to the highest standards and merit your continued readership:

  • To take at all times a constructive and positive approach to subjects covered and to concentrate on proposing and finding solutions
  • To provide the reader wherever possible with enough basic information and reference material to start them on their own  path of self education, and forming their own opinion, which ultimately be entirely different from mine
  • To inform readers of the insights I have gained by being in Switzerland and Geneva in particular.  I and my family have taken Swiss nationality and I have now lived here longer than the UK. Although there are faults, there is much to admire, and foreigners will benefit greatly from a better understanding
  • To provide business insider perspectives which are informative, anecdotal, humoristic, unique and sometimes disturbing, to an international  readership
  • To ensure that at all times  I am respecting the laws, in particular of banking secrecy and confidentiality
  • To be attentive at all times to the feedback from readers and encourage an active exchange of comments both positive and negative

As many of you are all aware, the world is in a period of immense turmoil, and most people, even those well versed in financial matters, have a strong feeling of unease, without being able to pinpoint exactly why the problem exists, and what they should be doing about it.

My objective, through the Blog, is to provide a sufficient level of basic knowledge of finance, economics, history, politics and political theory, to enable the reader to join the links in the puzzle. Once you have done this you will probably be shocked at what you will learn, but be much better equipped to determine your future strategy.

My Blog will have achieved its objective, if it contributes to your reaching that point.

Happy reading and enjoy the ride.

David SMITH  

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